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Painting on porcelain is a precise, delicate art, calling for patience, attention to detail and dexterity.

I use traditional techniques to create all of my compositions.

Sketching the outline

The chosen décor is sketched out with a grease pencil on the piece itself. This also helps me to position the design to be painted.

Preparing the colours

A dose of pigment (powdered colour) is placed on a glazed tile. A binding agent is added (an oil-based substance). We call this the médium; turpentine or spike lavender essence can give the mixture a more fluid aspect. Mixing the colour ingredients is a vital step before outlining the painting.

Laying on gold

The relief of a design can be picked out and underscored with precious metals (matt or gloss) including platinum and silver, as well as gold.


Firing is a vital stage in fixing the colours to the porcelain.

There are several firing possibilities:

  • Classic pigments: the colours are fired at 750° to 850°.
  • More delicate reds are fired at a temperature of around 720°.
  • Precious metals: gold (matt or gloss) and platinum placed directly on the porcelain are fired at 820°. If they are placed on the pigments or in relief, firing temperature varies between 650° and 750°.

Béatrice Moreau, Painting on Porcelain Béatrice Moreau, Painting on Porcelain Béatrice Moreau, Painting on Porcelain
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